Steve Lowisz

Steve Lowisz is the CEO and founder of Qualigence International, a talent acquisition and optimization firm dedicated to helping people live their purpose in the workplace. A five-time entrepreneur with over two decades of practical business experience, Steve is an authority on all things talent, personal development, and business leadership. He is also the best-selling author of Recruiting Sucks...But it Doesn’t Have To and hosts the podcast P3: People, Performance, Profits.  

Steve is a strong believer in pushing people to live their purpose through their careers. At Qualigence International, he works to help individuals in all industries and professions find roles that light a fire within themselves. Furthermore, he is involved in a wide variety of non-profit work to make a real difference in his community. This includes raising money for the ALS Association, serving with his team at the Gleaner’s Community Foodbank of Southeastern Michigan, and a bottled water drive for residents of Flint, Michigan. Altogether, Steve's works day-in, day-out to help people live their purpose.