Kurt A. David

Kurt David is the Co-Founder of PurposePoint™. He is more widely known as the creator and host of the EMMY Award Winning TV show & bestselling book, "From Glory Days" which chronicles the lives of Hall of Fame, All-Star, & World Champion former professional athletes and their lives AFTER pro sports. Kurt believes strongly in using his platform as an opportunity to do more good, and dedicates portions of each of his keynotes to various non-profit causes in his local community.   

Kurt's life experiences as a professional athlete, certified counselor, television personality, and consultant to world class athletes & CEO's provides him the skills to inspire diverse audiences.  Kurt works with highly-successful individuals and organizations that at times experience challenges with positive leadership, resolving conflict in the workplace, teamwork, and facing change like a champion and Godly values are at his core. 

Speaking Topics:

Kurt helps highly successful individuals, organizations, and businesses that at times face challenges with Positive Leadership, Resolving Conflict, Team Building, and Change. Those clients include the world's largest packaging company, financial institutions, doctors, government agencies, and world class athletes.


* Face Change Like a Champion: Five RULES for Success

* Resolving Conflict in the Workplace: Eight Vital Keys 

* Positive Leadership: Nine Principles for Leader Development

* From Glory Days: Successful Transitions of Professional Athletes

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