Kimberly Kassner

Kimberly Kassner is the Founder of EmpowerMind and author of You’re a Genius-and I Can Prove It!  Kim created a succesful memory development program while serving in a leadership role at a Fortune 40 company.  She then left the corporate arena to share this process and touch the lives of others. The profound results of her program helped her get featured on over 100 radio and TV shows, including WJR’s Paul W. Smith and Dick Clark’s TV special “America’s Dream Makers.” She now speaks nationally, sharing EmpowerMind’s successes with youth and adults.

Kimberly’s past and present clients include Ford Motor Company, Continental Automotive, Hewlett Packard, Eastern Michigan University, and over 25 school districts. Her overall purpose and passion is to prove, through experiential learning, that her corporate clients and students are geniuses and can each create their own personalized learning system to accomplish more in less time with better results and greater joy.