Helen Elizabeth Peters

Helen has a Master of Arts in Interpersonal Communication and Human Resources, and for several years used her degree to teach public speaking at both the secondary and collegiate level. During her time teaching she developed an interview coaching program to sharpen her students’ communication and body language skills in order to help the next generation find confidence within themselves and their ability to communicate meaningfully. Helen was also crowned Miss Arkansas USA in 2014

Helen’s personal blog is followed by individuals from over 50 countries, and she is currently partnering with Folio Literary Management to write her first book on finding hope in the midst of tragedy. Her utmost desire in speaking and writing is to use her platform to help every listener and reader hold fast to their faith when life gets hard and expectations go unmet. Helen often shares her story of becoming a widow at the age of 27, and the lessons she learned from her experience to help others overcome the toughest of challenges. 

Speaking Topics and Workshops:

  • Mastering Interpersonal Skilis
  • Understanding Body Language
  • Interviewing Best Practices

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