Dr Josh Wymore

About Dr. Josh Wymore

Dr. Josh Wymore (Ph.D. Penn State) is a speaker, training facilitator, and leadership coach with a passion for helping people live and lead with purpose and clarity. 

Josh has spent most of his career in developing leaders through Christian higher education. Originally from the Waco, TX, area, he now lives in Jackson, MI, with his wife and daughter.

His keynotes, trainings, and coaching conversations all have three common characteristics: they're research-based, values-driven, and action-oriented. 

Research-based. Leveraging his doctoral studies in education and management, Josh takes the best research from business, psychology, education, and sociology and makes it accessible for practitioners. Workshops designed by Josh are driven by data, not anecdotes.

Values-driven. Josh believes that most of our leadership challenges are not solved by better management techniques, but by drawing on deeper values like trust, vulnerability, human connection, and most of all, purpose. Josh's work will push your organization to think more deeply about fundamental issues you're facing.

Action-oriented. Many leadership talks are inspiring, but few lead to lasting change in our habits and practices. Josh's work emphasizes application so that participants leave with a plan for how to implement what they learn.

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