Coryne Forest

Coryne Forest is the Founder of Coryne Forest, LLC, a consulting firm focused on unleashing the leadership potential in everyone. 

Coryne is an engaging and inspirational speaker, known for weaving theory, practical application and humorous anecdotes into all her engagements. Her recent talks include "Having it All: Myth or Possible?", "Easing the Overwhelm: How to Get Off the Crazy Train" and "Assertive Communication: Balancing the Wimp and the Witch". An engineer by trade, Coryne spent over three decades at a large government R&D center, serving in various roles that culminated in becoming the deputy director of organization development. It is there where she honed her skills and found her purpose: helping people achieve their leadership potential. She creates and delivers dozens of leadership workshops, and is a certified executive coach that logs hundreds of hours coaching every year. She has a contagious passion for personal and professional development and finds true joy in making an impact by living in her purpose.

Coryne is currently  empty-nesting in Armada Township with her husband, Dan and her German Shepherd.