Jeff Zupancic

Jeff Zupancic is the founder of Mosaic Business Consulting. More than anything, Jeff loves working with CEOs, leaders, and teams in pursuing opportunities, solving problems and resolving issues—it fuels him. The key to it all is a deep caring for each individual affected by the opportunity/issue at hand. Jeff focuses exclusively on purpose-guided win-win-win strategies and actions plans. For sustainability, success, and significance, everything must be in balance, a win for customers and clients, a win for team members and employees, a win for leaders, principals and founders. Jeff believes in and leverages a client-centric approach. Jeff’s holistic consulting and coaching approach is customized—meeting you exactly where you are in your business. Strategizing and developing action plans that are focused on manageable outcomes in a short, defined timeline

Jeff founded Mosaic Business Consulting on one simple principle: the more you profit through your purpose, the more you can reach and serve others. You can have a profound impact on others, making their lives better and, ultimately, make this world a better place. You can make a difference AND make a living. Prior to creating his consulting firm nine years ago, Jeff spent 17 years in corporate in the areas of marketing, consumer insights, product development, and business operations serving Fortune 50 companies. He is adept at quickly understanding new sectors/segments, the key challenges at hand and easily developing action plans that are laser-focused on the outcome—a skill set he learned, honed and has proven through his nine years with J.D. Power and Associates.


Nancy Maurer

Nancy Maurer is the founder of Sonder Haven LLC, an entrepreneurial venture to fulfill her purpose of being a catalyst helping others to break free from barriers and live to their fullest potential. Possessing a self-described Ph.D. in navigating transition, leadership, and personal development, she brings a relatable, down-to-earth approach to guiding individuals, teams, and organizations.  


With nearly 25 years of leadership and coaching experience, many people have called Nancy’s career path intriguing – a reflection of her dedication to continuous growth and the ability to successfully and boldly navigate career and life transitions. Nancy sharpened those strengths in an array of company cultures, sizes, and industries, including healthcare, non-profit, broadcast journalism, and public relations consulting, where she served clients in multiple industries.


Nancy’s most meaningful career contribution, thus far, was as the Executive Director of Leadership Oakland, a non-profit that inspires and guides dozens of regional leaders each year to reach their personal, professional and public potential.


Cathy McCafferty Smith

Cathy (McCafferty) Smith is the Founder of Know U LLC, a “small but mighty” company that develops and supports purpose focused, intentional leadership development programs, provides coaching for all ages and stage of life from Millennial’s to Senior Executives. Cathy’s focus is to assist organizations with their “people building systems”. She also guides individual leaders to an understanding of their own unique gifts, talents, strengths, leadership style, assisting them in their “best fit/purpose” to better, to serve their people within their organizations. Cathy’s 25+ years of experience has been attained through various leadership development facilitation and coaching roles in Organizational Change Management, Human Resource Development, and Performance Management- in the Banking, Education, Healthcare, and Manufacturing sectors.

Cathy has served in various board leadership positions. (National Center for Healthcare Leadership – Physician Leadership Development, and Executive Coaching Council, National Career Readiness Certificate,   She is the published co-author of the ATS – Annuals of the American Thoracic Society Medical Journal Article on- Behavioral Based Interviewing to Improve Candidate Selection. She is in the process of publishing her first book on finding one’s own unique purpose at whatever age or stage a person happens to be in. Cathy currently volunteers as leadership trainer /coach within the Cultivate- leadership development student campus ministry at Oakland University, and has presented at the campus in the International Oasis student organization Leadership development program.  

Cathy’s Purpose: To build our current/ next generation of character based influential leaders in service to others. 


Davin Salvagno

Davin Salvagno is the Founder & CEO of PurposePoint, and an international speaker known for connecting purpose, people, and performance.

Having spent nearly two decades serving in various leadership roles in finance, human resources, operations, and marketing with Fortune 500 companies, his insights and talks have helped hundreds of organizations across the world engage their purpose, inspire their people, and positively impact their performance. He also serves as a corporate consultant, helping organizations clearly define their mission, vision, and values, and is a subject matter expert on multi-generational shifts, talent attraction, engagement, retention, and social communications. His first book “Finding Purpose at Work” is expected to be released Fall 2020.

Davin has a contagious passion for leadership development, personal and professional development, and community growth. He is a channel partner of the Ken Blanchard companies, an ambassador member of the C12 Group, a curriculum contributor and communication advisor for the Advanced Planning Education Group, serves as Chair of Economic Workforce Development for Auburn Hills, Michigan, and is an alumni of Oakland County’s Elite 40 under 40 (2018).

Davin currently resides in Macomb, Michigan with his wife Amy and their two children.


Wesley Sparks

Wesley Sparks is the Founder and Managing Partner of Weslane Consulting. He is a retired Army field grade officer who served in Airborne infantry units, graduated US Army Ranger school, and earned two Bronze Stars for his deployments to Afghanistan. He brings a unique perspective on leadership in crisis based on his experience being injured while leading a unit in the search for the deserter Bowe Bergdahl. While finishing his time in uniform he completed his MBA and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. 

Wesley is now an authorized partner and provider of industry standard curriculum like the Everything DiSC® family of assessments and courses as well as Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Behaviors™ program. Wesley is passionate about taking leadership development down to “muddy boots” level in organizations, and serving as a catalyst to help them drive growth and sustainability.


Kimberly Kassner

Kimberly Kassner is the Founder of EmpowerMind and author of You’re a Genius-and I Can Prove It!  Kim created a succesful memory development program while serving in a leadership role at a Fortune 40 company.  She then left the corporate arena to share this process and touch the lives of others. The profound results of her program helped her get featured on over 100 radio and TV shows, including WJR’s Paul W. Smith and Dick Clark’s TV special “America’s Dream Makers.” She now speaks nationally, sharing EmpowerMind’s successes with youth and adults.

Kimberly’s past and present clients include Ford Motor Company, Continental Automotive, Hewlett Packard, Eastern Michigan University, and over 25 school districts. Her overall purpose and passion is to prove, through experiential learning, that her corporate clients and students are geniuses and can each create their own personalized learning system to accomplish more in less time with better results and greater joy.


Stephanie Martin

Stephanie Martin, founder of Moved By Purpose, coaches heart-centered women leaders and entrepreneurs who realize they need a different approach to how they achieve and succeed. Through life experiences, professional training and her counterintuitive approach to working with women already considered “successful”, Stephanie guides people to anchor and align their lives in a new way by stepping back from the pace and pressure that got them to their current level of achievements and align with God’s plans and purposes for them. She offers both individual and group coaching through her signature program, “Flow vs. Force”, as well as her newest program, “Soul 2 Soul Marketing”.

After earning her degree in Social Work from Western Michigan University, and working as a social worker, Stephanie realized her higher calling was in coaching. She became a master Certified Life Coach, and has been certified in several assessment models, including DISC. She authored the book The Messy Middle: Encouraging You Through the Frustrating Gap Between Where You Are Now and Where You Want To Be (released April 2018), was interviewed on Entrepreneur on Fire (#1 business podcast on iTunes), and was the featured guest in the top-rated podcast on the Relaunch Show with over 1 million downloads worldwide.


Andre’ Clemons

André is a renowned Designer, Creative Thinker, and Inventor. Recognized globally as an early pioneer and leader in virtual design, many of his innovative methods have become standards across various industries. André advises top Automotive, Aeronautics, Entertainment and Fashion Brands looking to gain an advantage in today’s competitive marketplace. He inspires them to create and innovate to deliver a positive impact.

André is a Detroit native, Cass Tech and University of Michigan graduate. Passionate about the importance of education, he has been working with kids and mentoring others for over 30 years. André has focused on empowering the youth in underserved communities and teaches them how to overcome adversity and leverage it as an advantage. He mentors many young adults and extremely successful individuals that look to grow beyond their public identity. André enjoys traveling, dancing, reading and spending time with his family.


Dr. Josh Wymore

Dr. Josh Wymore (Ph.D, Penn State) is the Senior Executive Director for Spring Arbor University’s Global operations, overseeing 11 adult learning sites across the state of Michigan. He is also an adjunct professor in Spring Arbor’s Master of Organizational Management and Leadership program. Josh writes and teaches on leadership, strengths-based team-building, organizational change, and effective decision-making. 

Josh grew up on a Christian campground in the Texas countryside where the most common forms of entertainment were playing six-man football and chasing armadillos. From there, he would go on to become the first person in his family to graduate from college and would obtain his doctorate before age 30. Throughout his career at multiple nonprofits, he has done everything from coaching leaders to directing million-dollar operations that impact hundreds of students. His passion for purposeful, people-centered leadership is what attracts him to Purpose Point.


Coryne Forest

Coryne Forest is the Founder of Coryne Forest, LLC, a consulting firm focused on unleashing the leadership potential in everyone. 

Coryne is an engaging and inspirational speaker, known for weaving theory, practical application and humorous anecdotes into all her engagements. Her recent talks include "Having it All: Myth or Possible?", "Easing the Overwhelm: How to Get Off the Crazy Train" and "Assertive Communication: Balancing the Wimp and the Witch". An engineer by trade, Coryne spent over three decades at a large government R&D center, serving in various roles that culminated in becoming the deputy director of organization development. It is there where she honed her skills and found her purpose: helping people achieve their leadership potential. She creates and delivers dozens of leadership workshops, and is a certified executive coach that logs hundreds of hours coaching every year. She has a contagious passion for personal and professional development and finds true joy in making an impact by living in her purpose.


Doug “Odie” Slocum

Brigadier General (Retired) Doug “Odie” Slocum led organizations into world-leading examples of right look like. His 35 years of executive leadership experience as a military officer and fighter pilot lead to a unique and powerful perspective of change management and motivation. His expertise at collaboration and innovation in SE Michigan led to his 2018 induction into the Macomb County Hall of Fame, recognition as the 2018 Macomb Economic Development Partner of the Year, and DTE Energy’s 2019 Environmental Steward of the Year Award. His secret ingredient is always relentlessly focusing on developing and encouraging people.

He is nationally recognized as leader and subject-matter expert in organizational excellence, leadership, communication, teamwork, and decision making. His fighter pilot and executive leadership experience convey a unique experience and perspective combined with boundless positive energy. General Slocum now brings this same proven winning formula to you and your team.


Collaboration Over Competition

Collaboration Over Competition

Collaboration Over Competition

Our fellowship of speakers and coaches sharpen each other as iron sharpens iron. We work in collaboration to make a greater impact together and spur others on to win the race set out before them. 

Others Before Ourselves

Collaboration Over Competition

Collaboration Over Competition

We do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility we consider others better than ourselves. We each look not to our own interests, but to the interests of others. 

Significance Above Success

Transformational Over Transactional

Transformational Over Transactional

More important than what we say, or any accolades we receive, is the impact we have on those who are listening. The true measure of our success is who we help others become.  

Transformational Over Transactional

Transformational Over Transactional

Transformational Over Transactional

We create transformational experiences, not transactional moments. We provide content that is focused on positively impacting our audiences and clients, and not on selling ourselves.   

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