Chris Swanson

Chris Swanson is the Founder of Swanson Leadership, an author, and a four-time IRONMAN finisher. Chris is no stranger to life-altering transformations. After a home invasion helped spur his own dramatic change in his late twenties, Chris became an expert in human transformation. Now through Swanson Leadership, he coaches others in both finding their true potential, and in tapping into it to radically alter their minds, bodies, and spirits. 

Chris is a career law enforcement officer, with experience spanning over 20 years in a variety of positions, including narcotics, criminal investigation and law enforcement operations. He holds a master’s degree in public administration – criminal justice, and a bachelor of applied science from the University of Michigan. He also holds numerous state and national professional certifications. 

Speaking Topics:

  • Ethics/Values
  • Personal Growth and Professional Leadership 
  • Executive policing 
  • Personal Athleticism- Tinman to IRONMAN 
  • Building a Business/Brand