Cathy McCafferty Smith

Cathy (McCafferty) Smith is the Founder of Know U LLC, a “small but mighty” company that develops and supports purpose focused, intentional leadership development programs, provides coaching for all ages and stage of life from Millennial’s to Senior Executives. Cathy’s focus is to assist organizations with their “people building systems”. She also guides individual leaders to an understanding of their own unique gifts, talents, strengths, leadership style, assisting them in their “best fit/purpose” to better, to serve their people within their organizations. Cathy’s 25+ years of experience has been attained through various leadership development facilitation and coaching roles in Organizational Change Management, Human Resource Development, and Performance Management- in the Banking, Education, Healthcare, and Manufacturing sectors. 

Cathy has served in various board leadership positions. (National Center for Healthcare Leadership – Physician Leadership Development, and Executive Coaching Council, National Career Readiness Certificate,   She is the published co-author of the ATS – Annuals of the American Thoracic Society Medical Journal Article on- Behavioral Based Interviewing to Improve Candidate Selection. She is in the process of publishing her first book on finding one’s own unique purpose at whatever age or stage a person happens to be in. Cathy currently volunteers as leadership trainer /coach within the Cultivate- leadership development student campus ministry at Oakland University, and has presented at the campus in the International Oasis student organization Leadership development program.  

Cathy’s Purpose: To build our current/ next generation of character based influential leaders in service to others.