Amber Peay 🌱

Amber Peay is the Founder and CEO of Granola Grown, a homegrown, wholesome brand that stands for quality and hospitality. Amber inspires others as a keynote speaker to overcome and grow through life’s constant challenges. Being raised solely by a young, single father, moving often and surviving on TV dinners had its challenges. At an early age, Amber learned to ignite her challenges into courage through her faith. Now, with her husband in hand, she is a dedicated mom of two daughters, grateful for their simple home with many home-cooked meals! 

Beneath the surface of her southern smile, welcoming words, and reliable kindness, at her core Amber is a problem solver. She’s strategic in the face of obstacles, and gets through every day, moment to moment, with Phil 4:13 as her guiding principle. It’s how she gets through ALL things - separation, divorce, remarriage, the roller coaster of entrepreneurship, parenting, that self talk that constantly challenges us all on whether “enough” will ever be attainable. As a speaker, Amber connects with audiences and inspires them to look at the proof that they are enough and that they, too are capable of all things.

Amber’s 2019 most requested keynote:

“All Things: From Spilt Milk to Separation and Restoration with Phil 4:13”